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MonkeyHook Receives DIY "Retailer's Choice Award"

Customer Testimonials

How to Hang Groups of Pictures? The Answer to Decorating Dilemmas

People who have used The MonkeyHook® no longer wonder "What's the best way to hang a group of pictures". The following are a few samples of individuals who have discovered our product to be the answer to their decorating needs.

MonkeyHook® is not just for home interior decorating, but it is useful to hang pictures in galleries, classrooms, and offices. Our customers have found that these amazing Monkey Hooks let you hang wall décor securely, exactly where you want it, and with no tools or excessive damage to the walls. Testimonials are provided.

I live in Ireland and recently bought some Monkey Hooks. The ordering was simple, delivery was fast and the hooks work superbly. We have a large painting that was posing a problem to hang on a dry-lined wall, given its weight. We toyed with different, cumbersome ideas until I came across MonkeyHook® in a NY Times article. I am spreading the word here! Do you intend distributing in Europe?
Thanks again - you have a great product.
Catherine Roantree, Baltimore, Ireland

Hello...I received MonkeyHook® today and tried them right away. WOW!!! They are great ! You may not remember, but I asked you about using them in a manufactured home. You stated they should work, as you had not tested them in thin wall applications. My walls are about 1/4" thick (or thin)...made of Masonite or some such material. Thanks so much for offering these hooks. I will soon order more.
Wayne Paton, Youngstown, FL 

My name is Susan Hayward; I am a teacher in Colorado Springs. I have had a very heavy mirror sitting on my mantel for months, waiting until someone strong could help me hang it. When I heard about the MonkeyHook®, I ordered it and hung that mirror myself in less than 15 minutes, including measuring time! Thank you so much!

We love your wonderful "Monkey Hooks". We have used all three (samples) to hang pictures and I have to say they are the most efficient, strong, easy to use picture hangars we have ever used. Great design! Thank you for such a perfect product.
Mark R. Steelman, Lake Oswego, OR

Used your product and I have to say it is incredible. I have arthritis and even I was able to use it with ease. I will definitely buy more and recommend it to all my friends and relatives.
Janet Price (retired), Escondido, CA

I just ordered my second supply of Monkey hooks and have been telling everyone (that I like!) about this amazing product!!!! I feel that truly great things are made to be all of my friends now know about the MonkeyHook®! Just fantastic!!!!!
Kate Passaretti





Hardware Retailers Go "Ape" Over MonkeyHook®

New Picture Hanger Receives DIY Retailing's "Retailer's Choice Award"

LAS VEGAS, NV - At the 60th Annual Hardware Show, a selected panel of 6 Hardware Retail Executives, sponsored by Do-It-Yourself Retailing Magazine, scoured over 3,200 Exhibitors' Booths representing over 500,000 products in search of items worthy of the Magazine's "Retailers CHOICE Award". When the votes were counted, The MonkeyHook®, a 'no-tool' picture hanger for drywall, was one of just two winners selected by multiple panelists.

The MonkeyHook® is a new picture hanger for use on drywall where no stud is present. It installs by hand in seconds and has a 'self-locking' feature that enables it to hold 50 lbs., more than most pictures or wall décor actually weigh. It has a self-boring tip that, using simple hand pressure, eliminates the need for a drill or hammer to penetrate the drywall. It can be ordered online at, or by calling 1-866-ONE-HOOK (866-663-4665). The product can be purchased in pack quantities for just one room or for the entire home.

"Our booth was always jammed, but this was our first show so we weren't immediately aware how well things were going," said Marjie Betz, a Principal of the Company. "After the nominations and hearing from other exhibitors, we knew our first show was going very well." One of the retailers who was convinced was Crown Hardware, one of ACE's largest groups, located in Orange County, CA, who agreed to put the MonkeyHook® in all its stores. 

Craig Cowart, VP Merchandising and Marketing for Marvin's, a 25-store group of retail Home Centers in the Southeastern US, was one of the panelists who chose the MonkeyHook®. "Our mission is to make our customers' lives easier. With no tools needed and such ease of use, the MonkeyHook® does just that. Its exactly what we look for", said Cowart. Gig Harbor Ace Hardware owner Maggie Garber also voted for The MonkeyHook®