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Add MonkeyHook Products to Your Line!

For inquiries, please e-mail or call us at 949-226-8621.

Monkey Hook products are sold in fine retailers everywhere. If you don't stock Monkey Hooks today, please contact us immediately! You'll be glad you did.

Monkey Hook products sell both as a destination item (Picture hanger) and as an IMPULSE item. We have 3 unique varieties:

The Original

Flush Mount 
when décor must mount FLUSH to wall

Gorilla Grade 

for larger, heavier items

Monkey Mates™
patent-pending Utility Hooks which are Paintable to match any décor and work exclusively with Monkey Hooks® 

We offer a wide range of displays and assortments to ensure every retailer, regardless of class of trade, can be highly successful selling American Made Monkey Hook® products.