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The heavy-duty wall hanger that installs instantly, without tools!

The Best Way to Hang Anything on Drywall

For anyone who has ever wondered how to hang pictures, mirrors or any wall décor on drywall... The Amazing MonkeyHook® is the 'gold standard' in heavy duty wall hanger solutions. It installs securely by hand, to any wall – No Tools... The simple design enables anyone to hang anything 'hangable' in seconds.


The Original Monkey Hook Wall Hanger

Installs into drywall by hand in seconds. For most items, up to 35lbs on residential (1/2”) drywall, or 50lbs on Commercial (5/8”) drywall. 

The Original Monkey Hook flush mount wall hanger

Unique “low-profile” tip for hanging small items that MUST mount FLUSH to the wall. Perfect for use with common ‘saw-tooth’ or ‘key-hole’ hardware.

The Original Monkey Hook Gorilla Grade Wall Hanger

Gorilla Grade® Monkey Hook® is made of thicker steel so it holds up to 40% more weight.

10 Original Monkey Hooks

10 Flush Mount Monkey Hooks 

10 Gorilla Grade Monkey Hooks
20 Original Monkey Hooks 20 Flush Mount Monkey Hooks
30 Original Monkey Hooks
50 Original Monkey Hooks
100 Original Monkey Hooks – Large Home Pack